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GTA 5 – Import/Export DLC 60 CAR GARAGE! Customising the ” Pegassi Tempesta” (BCC)

Gta 5 online money hack Hey guys! Welcome back to another video! In today’s video we’re gonna be customising the new 60 CAR GARAGE! We’re also going over the new “Pegassi Tempesta” If you do enjoy then make sure to

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GTA 5 – Finally! NEW DLC SUPERCAR! Pegassi Osiris! – Coming June 2015! (ill Gotten Gains DLC)

Gta 5 online money hack Finally guys New DLC Supercar called the Pegassi Osiris is confirmed and is to hit our garages in GTA Online!. Huayra/Zonda lookalike is all I am saying. This will be with us as from next

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