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GTA 5 – HOT COFFEE COWGIRL – Cinematic Montage made from GTA V PC gameplay and mods. GTA Online Characters. Warning: 18+ content. Fan made GTA 5 Machinima. Edited with Rockstar Editor and Sony Vegas. This video is fan made from GTA V gameplay (with mods). Watch Part 1 of this video here:

Funny, silly, weird and naughty cinematic machinima made from GTA 5 [with mods]. Editing has been done with Rockstar Editor and Sony Vegas Pro 12. This video is just a silly, naughty, funny fan tribute (with mods) representing a fictional world and should not be taken too seriously. The video is fan made and obviously NOT something official from Rockstar Games or any other video game company. The video shows some of the wild and crazy things that can be done with mods in general. A huge thanks to modders who continuously add new modded awesomeness to the GTA. Also a huge thanks to Rockstar for making the GTA-series!

This video has no deliberate intention to offend. The video (which is also a mod showcase) is not intended to be a true representation of the original video game characters or the activities they engage in within normal (unmodded) GTA V gameplay. This video merely depicts the pixel fantasies of the video creator or some of the viewers of this channel. All the fictional pixel characters within the intimate sections of this video are fictional consenting adults using protection. Watch in HD 1080p if possible. Feel free to comment, like and/or subscribe!

This first music track starting at 0:04 is “Blackmail” by Jens Kiilstofte. It’s from .

The second music track starting at 2:44 is “Gift-Of-Blue” by Bill Newman (

The third music track beginning at 4:03 is “Winner’s Smile” by Full-Production-Music (

The final music track at 5:18 is “Ready For The New Dawn” by neilcross (

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