GTA 5 BTTF Mod Install tutorial

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Back to the future mod

Joshua Vanderzee
  Car models:
Video intro:


05.30.16 Global update

log of main updates:

New cars list:
bttf1 delorean
bttf2 delorean
bttf2 flying delorean
bttf3 delorean
bttf3 rail road delorean
dmc12 gold
doc van(beta)
libyans van(beta)

all deloreans now have custom sound

cutscene/intant time travel
instant travel – first person camera
cutscene – third person camera

cold air effects

new reentry effect/flame trail

door open/close sound

almost fully animated delorean interior
 time circuits display(time input not work yet)
 flux capacitor(animated)
 plutonium gauges(animated)
 empty indicator(animated)

ditial speedometer/empty indicator

tcd beep(can turn off in menu)

Has an optional realistic engine starter(Can be activated in menu)

fixed a lot of glitches and more

F5 – Opens and Closes menu
x – starts engine when held down and shuts off engine (with realistic engine starter enabled)
L – Activates/Deactivates flight for the bttf2 delorean
+/= – Activates/Deactivates the time circuits
– – Refills plutonium/Mr Fusion (Must be outside at the back of the car)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 – when time circuits are on and feuled, allows a date to be entered.

Methods of input – Month Day Year Hour Minute

Month Day Year

Hour Minute

For RCmode in the menu

If you want to switch control from different deloreans, use the left and right arrow keys.

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